Saturday, May 27, 2006

Curing Skin Cancer with a Queensland weed

Peplin's skin cancer gel trial a success - Breaking News - Business - Breaking News
Early clinical trials of a new gel to treat skin cancer have returned promising results.

The gel, developed by Brisbane-based company Peplin, can be rubbed on to the skin to treat certain types of skin cancer.

Initial trials show just two applications of the PEP005 Topical gel on two consecutive days cleared up 71 per cent of basal cell carcinomas, or BCCs, the most common type of skin cancer.

The trials on 60 people throughout Australia built on an early study by Peplin in 2002 using the common garden weed, petty spurge.

"That was a very different study and that was just using the raw sap of petty spurge," said Michael Aldridge, Peplin's managing director and chief executive.

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